Belarus moves up in Doing Business Report - 2009


WASHINGTON - Belarus moved up from the 115th to the 85th place in Doing Business report annually released by the World Bank. Economies are ranked annually on their ease of doing business, from 1 – 181, with first place being the best.  In the report released earlier this month Belarus is considered to be a top reformer in Eastern Europe & Asia along with Azerbaijan, Albania, the Kyrgyzstan. 

The Doing Business report praised the country as the world top reformer in registering property.   The report illustrates how the local entrepreneurs in Minsk benefited from the reforms:

Comparing the registry a few years back and today is like night and day. From waiting in long lines taking up to a few months, we went to a modern, efficient one-stop shop. They even have a webcam in the one-stop shop to check the waiting line," says Alexander, a seasoned entrepreneur in Minsk.

However, Belarus still has the most complicated and business-unfriendly tax system in the world. The country keeps the very last place in this ranking. posted the full text of the report as well as the updated ranking.


[...] According to the

[...] According to the Heritage Foundation, the main advantage of Belarus comparing to Ukraine is Business Freedom (72.1 points for Belarus vs. 38.7 pts for Ukraine). In the absence of empirical studies of their own, the Heritage Foundation seems to rely heavily on the World Bank’s Doing Business report. [...]

[...] the category of customs

[...] the category of customs and taxes. This is in contrast to the World Bank’s assessment, which ranked the Belarusian tax system as the worst (i.e. the most complicated) in the [...]

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