“Does the Political Regime in Belarus Change” at Kennan Institute on April 27

Alexandra Goujon will give a talk “Does the Political Regime in Belarus Change” on Monday, April 27 at noon at Kennan Institute.

Alexandra Goujon is an Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Bourgogne, Dijon, and Lecturer, Institute for Political Studies, Paris. Here is the event's introduction:

Alexander Lukashenka has been the president of Belarus for almost 15 years. Since he came to power, the political regime has become more and more authoritarian: there is no conventional opposition, independent media are weak, and collective action is repressed. For almost one year, the Belarusian president has taken some political steps such as the liberation of political prisoners. Regarding these steps as a positive development, the European Union loosened sanctions against Belarus in October 2008. But does the political regime in Belarus change? To answer this, we need to examine the motivations behind the changes, and the concrete consequences on the system of government.

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