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  • Should the IMF give a loan to Belarus?

  • Who is likely to be behind the April 11 bombing in Minsk?

    End date: 
    14 May 2011
    Belarusian security services
    43% (45 votes)
    radical anti-government protestors
    15% (16 votes)
    mentally ill individual
    13% (13 votes)
    Lukashenka's own structures working against him
    12% (12 votes)
    none of these versions
    12% (12 votes)
    forces from Russia
    6% (6 votes)
    Total votes: 104
  • Should the West Step Up Economic Pressure against Belarus?

    End date: 
    18 May 2011
    Yes, economic sanctions is the only language the Belarus regime understands
    46% (13 votes)
    The West should be more economically involved to balance Russia's influence
    18% (5 votes)
    No, economic sanctions only hurt common people
    14% (4 votes)
    It does not matter
    21% (6 votes)
    Total votes: 28
  • How the International Community Should Help Belarus Civil Society?

    End date: 
    7 February, 2011
    Dramatically simplify visa and work permit procedures for Belarus citizens
    41% (21 votes)
    TV and FM broadcasting to Belarus from Poland and Lithuania
    25% (13 votes)
    Increase financial support for Belarus activists taking into account the obstacles created by the official Minsk
    16% (8 votes)
    Create jobs for activists inside Belarus funded by external donors
    12% (6 votes)
    Create temporary job opportunities abroad for Belarus activists
    4% (2 votes)
    There is no need to help Belarus civil society
    2% (1 vote)
    Total votes: 51
  • What sanctions should the international community introduce in response to recent repressions in Belarus?

    End date: 
    12 January, 2011
    Immediate visa ban against those involved in election falsification, illegal detention, beatings and show trials
    28% (27 votes)
    Freeze foreign personal assets of key figures of Lukashenka administration and their relatives
    23% (22 votes)
    Make it difficult for Belarusian state entities to access the international financial system (banks, bond markets)
    16% (16 votes)
    Apply trade sanctions to exports of certain Belarusan goods, especially oil products and arms
    16% (16 votes)
    No sanctions are needed
    8% (8 votes)
    Prevent Belarus sports teams from taking part in international competitions
    8% (8 votes)
    Total votes: 97
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