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Does Belarus look like a run-down Soviet province?
More than two thirds of the Belarusian people live in cities. Just a fraction of the population is employed in agriculture. For comparison, 67% of Lithuanians and 73% of Russians live in urban areas. Agriculture had dominated the economy...
4 April 2011
Do Belarusians actually speak Belarusian?

While in the cities Belarusian people predominantly speak Russian, in rural areas people tend to speak Belarusian. Moreover, most of Belarusian Russian speakers consider Belarusian as their native language. According to the 1999 census, 85.6% of over 8,000 Belarusians surveyed...

4 April 2011
Are the Belarusian and Russian languages very similar?

Although both languages belong to the same group of Slavic languages, the differences between the two are significant. Russians cannot understand the Belarusian language well, especially if authentic Belarusian words are used. Belarusians can understand Russian, however, because almost...

4 April 2011
Is Belarus’ national religion Russian Orthodox Christianity?

There are no reliable statistics. It is generally considered that more than half of the Belarusian population are Russian Orthodox and about a third of the population are Roman Catholics. Protestants account for about 25% of the population. However,...

4 April 2011
Is the Belarusian population uninterested in politics?

Information isolation makes the population unaware of the true political situation in the country. Moreover, many people have become disillusioned with political participation because of the history of rigged elections. Some are also afraid of repeating the fate of...

4 April 2011
Is the Belarusian political opposition weak?

There is no political opposition in Belarus in the Western sense of the word, because the regime’s opponents are de facto not allowed to be elected to representative bodies. However, there are people who disagree with the politics of...

4 April 2011
Are Belarusians required to ask for permission each time they want to leave their country?

Belarus is one of the few countries of the former Soviet Union that does not require a special passport for foreign travel. In the past, the Belarusian authorities would issue a special stamp to validate a passport for foreign...

4 April 2011
Is Belarus a dictatorship where all foreigners are followed by state security?

Belarus requires visas for nationals of most Western countries. Visas are not cheap, but foreigners can easily travel to Belarus and within Belarus. Belarus is a safe place to travel and people are generally very friendly to Westerners. The pervasiveness...

4 April 2011
Are Belarusians pro-Russian?

Most Belarusians do not have access to independent media and as a result public opinion in the country is determined by the state-run media. However, despite the pro-Russian and anti-Western rhetoric which dominates this media, only a minority (albeit...

4 April 2011
Has Minsk always been the capital of Belarus?

Minsk only became the Belarusian capital in 1918. Navahradak and later Vilna (today, Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania) were the capitals of the Belarusian-Lithuanian state the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, which was a core of today’s Belarus in the...