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Macroeconomic stabilization on shaky ground – digest of the Belarusian economy
On 3 April 2017, Economy Minister Vladimir Zinovsky​ announced a negative forecast for first quarter GDP growth in Belarus. This comes despite an increase in industrial output and exports at the end of March. In this context, on 6 March...
3 May 2016
The Long Road to Liberalization: Digest of Belarus Economy

On 29 March 2016 Prime Minister Andrei Kobyakov proclaimed the government's intention to speed up the long-awaited process of joining the WTO. Moreover, after renegotiating different scenarios for pension reform in Belarus, the authorities have agreed to an increase in...

19 December 2010
Belarus: from Democracy to Dictatorship through Elections

Charismatic Alyaksandr Lukashenka was elected 1994, when Belarus had its first and so far the only relatively free presidential elections. Lukahsenka won giving promises of...

11 December 2010
Is Europe Ready to Tolerate an Anti-Russian Dictatorship?

According to the Economist, some European politicians would be happy to accept dictatorship in Belarus as long as it is not pro-Russian. Mr Lukashenka’s...

2 September 2010
How Much Having an Embassy in Minsk Costs

It is hardly a secret that establishing diplomatic relations with an authoritarian state is a gamble. One never knows what one’s embassy in Minsk may suffer if it crosses swords with the Belarusian President Alyaksandr Lukashenka.

30 April 2010
Freedom House Labeled Belarus as “Worst of the Worst”
Freedom House Labeled Belarus as “Worst of the Worst”

Washington-based think tank Freedom House was unimpressed by liberalization recently declared by Belarusian authorities. Fair enough - Belarus does not have a single TV or radio station which would be critical of the...

9 April 2010
Offshore Programming in Belarus: What Capitalism May Start From

27 February 2010
Belarus Potash and Democracy
Belarus Potash and Democracy

Stay off the potash is the title of Edward Lucas’s recent article in the Economist, where he reflects on effectiveness of trade boycotts. Although the...

22 January 2010
Is Ukraine More Repressed than Belarus?
Is Ukraine More Repressed than Belarus?

According to Heritage Foundation, a US conservative think tank, Belarus has more freedom than Ukraine. Belarus is ranked as 150 out of 179 countries in the Index of Economic...

20 October 2009
Belarus Journalist Irypna Khalip to Be Honored at National Press Club October 26
Belarus Journalist Irypna Khalip to Be Honored at National Press Club October 26

Iryna Khalip of Belarus Wins Courage in Journalism Awards from the International Women`s Media Foundation. 2009 Courage in Journalism Award winners: Iryna Khalip of Belarus, reporter and editor in the Minsk bureau of Novaya Gazeta; Agnès Tailé of Cameroon,...