The Army is Taking an Exam, Supreme Court and Free Press, The Litvin Culture - Belarus Video Digest

Belarusian state TV announced that the Belarusian Armed Forces’ ground troops, air defence and air force, and special operations units will carry out large-scale military exercises. The Belarusian military is taking a field exam on six test ranges across the country. 

The Supreme Court rejects independent newspaper's appeal against the Information Ministry. The news editor of the newspaper Svyatlana Kalinkina explained that "the trial is just a routine and preparation for a big political campaign – the 2015 presidential election".

Vandals defile a grave of a Belarusian-born hero of Maidan. Belarusian men are jumping into icy waters on Epiphany hoping to wash sins away. The Litvin culture gains popularity in Belarus.

All this in this issue of Belarus Video Digest. 

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