Lukashenka on Corruption, Fish, Green Zones in Minsk - Belarus Video Digest


Belarus Digest is launching a series of video digests to give a first-hand impression of what Belarusians see and live through in Belarus. We will select publicly available videos on politics, civil society activities and just interesting stories and supplement them with subtitles for our English-language audience. 

In the first edition Belarus Video Digest Belarusian ruler Alexander Lukashenka made several remarkable statements on the current political situation. First, he addressed the issue of corruption, warning his closest subordinates that they can only steal if he himself starts stealing.  Next, Lukashenka shared a story of a huge catfish he once caught. He also sent a message to scientists to start earning money and goes on to threaten intermediate firms that work with state officials with grave consequences. The digest also includes footage of angry Minsk residents protesting against the construction of houses in a green zone.

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