Comedy Star Lisa Kudrow Discovers Her Belarusian Roots

The American Comedy star Lisa Kudrow has found her Belarusian roots in NBC's project Who Do You Think You Are. Her ancestors were Jews from the village Illia, Minsk province of Belarus. Some of her relatives have been killed during the Second World War. The World War has put an end the Jewish Belarus after 800 thousands Belarusian Jews have been exterminated by Nazis. Every eighth victim of the Holocaust came from Belarus. Many Belarusian Jews have emigrated to the United States since late 19th century.

Lisa Kudrow has traced her family back to Belarus on the US version of Who Do You Think You Are? The former Friends actress, who is an executive producer on the genealogy programme, has been filming her own appearance, Metro reports.

Kudrow said: "Oh my god, it was good, incredible. I just got back from Belarus. I was tracing my family tree and I found out some members of my family were killed in the Holocaust, which was such a terrible shock." Read the full story

Read the reports in Daily Mail and Arche (in Belarusian). See also an older interview with Jakau Hutman, president of the World Association of Belarusian Jews, about the history of the Jewish community of Belarus.