Another Attempt to Civilize the Belarusian Leader Failed

Belarusian State TV Accused of Ripping US Sitcom

Something the Belarusian bloggers have been laughing about during the past week: the state media had been actively explaining the necessity for the recently introduced regulation of the Internet by the need to fight copyright breach. And here we go – the state television itself is now being accused of the same, with ripping a whole sitcom being a much more serious thing than downloading pirate music from the web.

This scandal is not going to influence the introduction of internet regulations in any way but is simply more than illustrative.

The creator of Big Bang Theory has accused the Belarusian government of ripping off his sitcom.

The East European country has just launched its own sitcom called The Theorists based around the same premise as Chuck Lorre’s American series – in which two socially awkward geeks live opposite a hot waitress.

In the CBS original, shown on E4 in Britain, the main character are called Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, Raj and Penny; in Belarus they are called Sheldon, Leo, Hovard, Raj and Natasha.

Lorres pointed out the similarity on a ‘vanity card’ – a mini-essay which flashes on the screen at the end of each episode, too quickly to be read. However, he also publishes the text on his website.

He said that even the opening credits – a fast montage from the dawn of time to the present day – are a carbon copy of the original.

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Russian-Belarusian Druzhba

Google Translate: Belarusian Language


The US Internet giant Google now offers a free translation service from and into Belarusian. If you come across a text in Belarusian language and would like to translate it into English – simply go to Google Translate.

There you can either paste a text or upload a document. You can also impress others with your knowledge of Belarusian language, because the quality of translations is very impressive. Here is an example of how Google translates from English into Belarusian:

Having concluded another round of consultations with Belarus authorities, the International Monetary Fund urges the Government to sell state assets, curb lending and raise utility prices to cope with the most serious economic crises in more than a decade

Завяршыўшы чарговы раўнд кансультацый з уладамі Беларусі, Міжнародны валютны фонд заклікае ўрад прадаваць дзяржаўнае маёмасць, абмежаванні крэдытавання і падвышаць камунальныя паслугі, каб справіцца з самымі сур’ёзнымі эканамічнымі крызісамі ў больш чым за дзесяцігоддзе.

The service is available at

Навіны Вашынгтонскага гуртка БАЗА / News of the Washington Chapter of BAZA

28 лютага адбыўся чарговы сход гуртка Беларуска-Амэрыканскага Задзіночаньня ў горадзе Вашынгтоне, у якiм узялi ўдзел 12 сяброў.

Сход пачаўся са справаздачы былой старшынi Алесi Сёмухi аб дзейнасьцi гуртка за апошні год. Потым было абранае новае кiраўнiцтва ў складзе двух су-старшынь Алесi Кіпель i Яраслава Крывога (з абавязкамi скарбнiка), а таксама сакратара Вячаслава Бортнiка.

Асаблiвая ўвага ўдзельнiкаў сходу была нададзена абмеркаваньню традыцыйных сакавiцкiх вiзытаў у Кангрэс ЗША, прысьвечаных угодкам незалежнасьцi БНР (25 сакавiка). Былi вызначаныя практычныя крокi па арганізацыі вiзiтаў, а таксама адказныя за iх выкананьне. Падрыхтоўчую сустрэчу было вырашана правесьцi ў Роквiле, штат Мэрыленд, 21 сакавiка.

Сход таксама абмеркаваў дзейнасьць гуртка на далейшаю пэрспэктыву: удзел у Кангрэсе БАЗА ў траўні сёлета, стратэгii па прыцягненьні новых сябраў, наладжваньне кантактаў з iншымi нацыянальнымi дыяспарамi i мясцовымi недзяржаўнымі арганізацыямі (НДА), разьвiцьцё культурнага напрамку дзейнасьцi, выкарыстоўваньне ў працы сучасных iнфармацыйных тэхналогiяў.

News of the Washington Chapter of BAZA

A regular meeting of the Washington, DC circle of the Belarusian-American Association took place on February 28, 2009, with 12 members participating.

The meeting began with a report by the former President, Alesya Semukha, about the activities of the circle during the past year. Later, new leadership was selected, consisting of two Co-Presidents, Alice Kipel and Yaraslau Kryvoi (also with the responsibilities of Treasurer), and Viachaslau Bortnik as Secretary.

Particular attention was paid by meeting participants to planning for the traditional March visits to the U.S. Congress, dedicated to the anniversary of the independence of the Belarusian Democratic Republic (March 25). Practical steps for organizing the visits were identified, as well as the persons responsible for their execution. It was decided to hold a preparatory meeting in Rockville, MD, on March 21.

Meeting participants also planned the activities of the circle for the longer term: participation in the BAZA Congress in May of this year, strategies for attracting new members, establishing contacts with other nationalities’ diaspora groups and local non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the development of a cultural aspect to the circle’s activities, and use of new information technologies in the group’s work.

German Marshall Fund: Belarusian Exhibition “Art Against Dictatorship”

 The Third Way of Belarus, the Belarusian Museum in New York and other organizations with the generous support of the German Marshall Fund of the United States are presenting "Art Against Dictatorship". This traveling exhibition addresses the integral part that the alternative arts scene plays in preserving and enhancing Belarusian culture, particularly in the face of political pressure, that marginalize their mainstream presence.

The Exhibition, presents paintings and sculpture, of the most prominent Belarusian artists and dissidents Ales Shaternik, Ales Marachkin, Mikoia Kupava, Henadz Drazdou, Ryhor Batalyonak, Yury Platonau, Julia Shaternik and Yanka Romanovitch. This diverse exhibition will provide unique insights into contemporary Belarusian art. The reception will be held on Thursday, February 12, from 5:00 – 6:30 pm at 1700 18th Street NW, Washington DC. If you would like to attend, please RSVP to Carolyn Colome by email ( or phone (202 683-2655) by Tuesday, February 10th. Download the exhibition flyer.