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10th Anniversary Belarus Digest Appeal

Dear Belarus Digest Readers,

2018 marks the 10th anniversary of Belarus Digest.

From a blog run by a few Belarusian expats, it has become a reputable media outlet, a leading source of balanced information on Belarus.

To mark our 10th anniversary, we are launching a special appeal to raise funding for Belarus Digest to continue its coverage of Belarus.

As Russia become increasingly assertive, the geopolitical role of Belarus as a buffer state between Russia and the West is increasing. Understanding what is really happening in Belarus is getting even more important.

Since 2008, Belarus Digest tries to de-mystify Belarus and write about what is actually going on in the country.

To make our articles as widely available as possible we never charge our readers. But as a non-profit we need to cover our costs and pay authors, editors as well as for the server and IT support.

If Belarus Digest is useful for you please take a moment to support us this year.

We are offering two options for our readers:

You can also email us if you want to use other payment methods or establish institutional cooperation with us.

Support Belarus Digest now to help the world better understand Belarus.


Yarik Kryvoi

Editor-in-chief, Belarus Digest

Belarus Digest is a project of the Ostrogorski Centre. The 2017 annual report of the Ostrogorski Centre is available here.

Thank you!