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The Mova Cup, Embroidery Day, Hotline Green Phone – Belarus Civil Society Digest
Mova Cup took promoted the use of the Belarusian language trying oneself in various sports. The Embroidery Day will celebrate the Belarusian national dress. All-Belarusian Congress for Independence scheduled for December. The European Humanities University welcomes new students. A special hotline...
8 August 2014
Online Travel to Belarus, USB Rally, Kraj.BY – Belarus Civil Society Digest

Budzma campaign and the Belarusian Language Society launch the second season of a weekly Kraj.BY program which is online-travel throughout Belarus. Legal Transformation Center Lawtrend has released the latest data of its monitoring on information provided at the official state...

11 March 2014
Gender Equality, How To Modernize The Belarusian Economy – Belarus Civil Society Digest

The Eastern Europe Studies Centre together with Stefan Batory Foundation invites the public to a discussion on gender equality in Belarus. The project Civic Dialogue hosted a panel discussion on how to modernise the Belarusian...

3 February 2014
Bialiacki, Civil Dialogue, Roundtables in Minsk – Belarus Civil Society Digest

A new project Civic Dialogue gathered representatives of both state and independent think tanks, journalists and officials.   Participants of the “What Do Belarusian Businesses Think” discussed results of latest research on competitiveness of Belarusian regions.  Ales Bialacki may be amnestied, opposition...

1 October 2013
Video of Belarus Research Council’s Debate ‘What Belarusians Think’

The Eastern Europe Studies Centre and the Belarus Research Council are organising the third live panel discussion What Do Belarusians Think: Results of Research on Social Contract. ‘Social Contract’ is a research focusing on relations between different social groups in Belarus and the...