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Is Belarus on the Brink of Financial Collapse?
The National Bank of the Republic of Belarus has recently started devaluation of the Belarusian ruble. Foreign currency is now officially allowed to be traded at an exchange rate that is deviating as much as 10 percent from the...
28 March 2011
How Should the West Cooperate with Russia on Belarus?
How Should the West Cooperate with Russia on Belarus?

Last week, Russia issued an ultimatum to Belarus to present a programme of economic reforms “within 10 to 12 days”. This would be a necessary condition to begin the process...

26 March 2011
What Drives China-Belarus Relations

As Europe’s “last authoritarian state”, Belarus is often portrayed as a divisive force: in Moscow sit its supporters, in Washington and Brussels – its detractors. This dichotomy tends to gloss over the multi-faceted nature of Minsk’s foreign relations. One...

24 March 2011
Belarus First Nuclear Plant: High Costs and Low Benefits

As Japan is dealing with radiation leaks and Germany is shuting down its nuclear plants, Belarus committed to build its own nuclear plant. Belarus has a special and tragic relationship with nuclear power. In 1986 most of the fallout...

18 March 2011
Belarus and the Middle East: What They Share and How They Differ
Belarus and the Middle East: What They Share and How They Differ

The current plight of the long-standing authoritarian regimes in the Middle East is raising new questions about the fate of the regime in Belarus. The wave of democratisation that had...

14 March 2011
Bitter Results of Belarusian ‘Authoritarian Modernization’
Bitter Results of Belarusian ‘Authoritarian Modernization’

Last year, the total foreign debt of Belarus increased by $6,452 mln or 29,2%. By January 1, it amounted to $28,512 mln, or 52,2% of the national GDP. According...

10 March 2011
Belarus Economy after Elections
Belarus Economy after Elections

The recent presidential elections were too costly for the Belarus government. Alexander Lukashenka managed to remain in his seat but at a far higher price for his reputation...

3 March 2011
Real Embargoes and Imaginary Sanctions

Yesterday the United Nations apologized for a mistaken statement that Belarus supplied helicopters to Ivory Coast violating the UN embargo regime. Even if these allegations were true, there would be not much what the UN...

2 March 2011
Belarus Arms Trade: an Autocrat in Need is an Asset Indeed

The waves of revolutions rolling across the Middle East have taught the Belarusian regime an important lesson. Helping fellow dictators in need – even in faraway African countries – pays off in the long run. Democratic dominoes do fall,...

1 March 2011
Is Lukashenka a Threat to International Security?
Is Lukashenka a Threat to International Security?

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