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Hugo Chavez: the Musical, Tax Hike Protest, Opposition Leader Beaten – Western Press Digest
The western press covered a number of Belarus-related issues over the past month, though the economy remained their primary focus. The long-rumoured potential sale of state-owned assets to Russian investors appears to be moving forward. This news is closely tied...
27 March 2013
Lukashenka Tours South-East Asia

On 22 March Belarus state leader completed his visit to Singapore where he was trying to find new markets. He spent a week in Indonesia and Singapore, together with a delegation of 80 people. The state of the Belarusian economy is deteriorating,...

11 March 2013
Belarusians Had to Mourn Chavez for Three Days

Alexander Lukashenka took part in the funeral of Venezuelan former President Hugo Chavez. Standing together by the coffin of their friend, Lukashenka and Ahmadinejad could not stop the tears. Isolated from the West, the Belarusian ruler does not have much...

25 July 2012
New Rapprochement of Belarus with Cuba and Venezuela

Struggling with problems in its foreign policy towards the West and Russia, Belarusian government looks for partners elsewhere. Last month, top Belarusian officials visited several South American capitals. Lukashenka personally went to Cuba, Venezuela and Ecuador. But despite various speculations...

19 October 2010
Venezuelan oil for Belarus

On October 16, the Belarusian and Venezuelan rulers had three-hour long talks behind closed doors in Minsk. Lukashenka thanked the Venezuelan leader...

4 June 2010
Venezuela’s Oil May Help Belarus Make Friends
Venezuela’s Oil May Help Belarus Make Friends

This year Europe will purchase its first oil products from Venezuelan crude refined in Belarusian Mozyr. While Belarusian citizens have a hard time obtaining visas and traveling, Belarusian oil products traverse borders...

16 March 2010
Belarus to Diversify Away From Russian Oil Supplies
Belarus to Diversify Away From Russian Oil Supplies

A bit of sensational news came today in the morning: starting May, Belarus will daily buy 80,000 barrels of oil from Venezuela. According to media reports, this number is comparable to the current...

23 November 2009
The Times: Hugo Chávez defends the ‘bad guys’ of the world

Venezuelan leader Hugo Chávez tightens bonds with US foes: from Castro to Lukashenka, the influential British newspaper The Times states. Hugo Chávez defends...

10 September 2009
Greetings from the Axis of Evil

 “I brought you a greeting from the Axis of Evil,” ironized Chavez, who visited Cuba, Algiers, Libya, and Turkmenistan on his way to Belarus. None of these countries were actually included in the “Axis of Evil” coined by George...