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Building Regime Support Among Youth – Belarus Photo Digest
Older Belarusians nostalgic for the Soviet past rather than youth make up President Alyaksandr Lukashenka’s natural electorate. Since the late 1990s, Lukashenka has put considerable effort into building support among younger people. A key role in the process was played...
3 June 2015
Patriotic Tattoo Fest 2015 – Belarus Photo Digest

Belarus Tattoo Fest took place in Minsk on 30-31 May. More than thirty artists participated in the event. In its third year, the festival adopted Belarusian history and culture as key themes. Visitors tattooed themselves with national symbols, bought skateboards...

23 April 2015
The Milking Contest: The Remnants of the Soviet Past – Belarus Photo Digest

The Belarusian authorities have strived to maintain what they view as the best features of the Soviet past. Twenty years after collapse of the Soviet Union, well-decorated bulletin boards celebrate the accomplishments of overachieving workers in state enterprises, voluntary...

24 March 2015
Muay Thai in Belarus: Fighting and Winning – Belarus Photo Digest

Over the past 20 years, Belarusian teams have achieved tremendous success in kick boxing and Muay Thai boxing, becoming some of the strongest in the world. Martial arts' beginnings in Belarus go back to the late 1980s. During the Soviet era, some...

24 February 2015
Belarusians Guard their Borders – Belarus Photo Digest

On 23 February Belarus and other post-Soviet countries celebrated the Day of Defenders of the Fatherland and the Day of Armed Forces. A minute of silence commemorates those who died defending their country. Siarhej Leskiec visited the defenders of Belarus’s...

26 January 2015
A Day at a Belarusian Market – Belarus Photo Digest

The first signs of private enterprise - kiosks at street corners- sprung up in Belarus in 1991 as soon as the country declared independence from the Soviet Union. These kiosks initially sold imported cigarettes, chocolate, coffee, tea, and cheap...

18 December 2014
A Young Family’s Life in Communal Housing – Belarus Photo Digest

This issue of Belarus Photo Digest is about communal housing in Belarus. Nearly 800,000 Belarusians were registered as being in need of better housing conditions at the end of 2013, according to Belstat. Sixteen percent of them are living in...

7 November 2014
State Institution for the Elderly – Belarus Photo Digest

By 2020, the elderly will make up one third of Belarus’s population. In the past, they would spend their lives next to their families, taking care of the grandchildren. It would appear that there is no need anymore for their...

10 October 2014
Life in a Belarusian Village – Belarus Photo Digest

Belarus Digest is launching a new series, Belarus Photo Digest, which shows images of different aspects of life in today's Belarus. In the first issue photographer Siarhiej Leskiec documents everyday life in the Belarusian countryside. Only one in four Belarusians...

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