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Minsk Toponymics: Communist Street Names in a Medieval City
In today’s Minsk most of street names refer to the Communist period. The streets named after Lenin, Komsomol, Marx, Communism dominate the historical centre of the city founded in 1067. Before the collapse of the Soviet Union Minsk cultural landscape was...
10 January 2013
Living with Stigma and Ignorance: HIV on the Rise in Belarus

At the end of the last year, the Healthcare Ministry of Belarus in partnership with the UNDP started a campaign to challenge HIV/AIDS-related stereotypes and myths.  An exhibition “Life with HIV is life” has been travelling to various Belarusian...

9 January 2013
Belarus Leads the CIS in 2013

Belarus assumed the presidency in the Commonwealth of the Independent States (CIS) on 1 January 2013. This is the international organisation which was intended to replace the Soviet Union in 1991. For politicians who formed their vision in the Soviet Union, the...

8 January 2013
Belarus Space Odyssey

On 31 December 2012 Alexander Lukashenka announced that Belarus had become "a space nation". In other words, it had entered a club of countries having their own guided objects in space. The Belarusian ruler meant the launch of the first...

7 January 2013
Two Christmases in One Country

Belarus is a unique country when it comes to Christmas: it has one Christmas at the end of December and the other one in early January. Both are official days off. The Belarusian state officially recognises two confessions - the...

4 January 2013
How Pro-Government are Pro-Government Parties in Belarus?

Observers of Belarusian politics have lately noticed increased activism of a political party that is traditionally labelled as pro-governmental. The leader of the Liberal Democratic Party Siarhey Haidukevich and his son and also deputy Aleh Haidukevich have recently featured...

1 January 2013
Top 10 Stories on Belarus Digest in 2012

Topics ranging from Belarus travel topics for foreigners to economic sanctions and the Orthodox Church in Belarus drew the attention of Belarus Digest readers in 2012.  Here are our top 10 most popular stories.   1. Sex Tours Save The Belarusian Tourist Industry "We...