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Belarusian Visa Price Has Risen to EUR 180 if Issued at the Airport
The main aim of a visa regime is to regulate migration flow and to prevent eventual illegal immigrants from entering the country....
1 December 2009
German Marshall Fund of the United States Blogs on Belarus
German Marshall Fund of the United States Blogs on Belarus

Appeasement in our time -- Berlusconi goes to Belarus by Joerg Forbrig BERLIN -- This year has been full of celebrations of the peaceful revolutions of 1989, arguably the most important advance of freedom, democracy, and human rights in history. But...

27 July 2009
Looking for ‘happiness on a different part of the planet’
Looking for ‘happiness on a different part of the planet’

“o one nation can meet the challenges of the 21st century on its own,” acknowledged the president of the United States Barack Obama in his speech to Chinese officials today. Uncharacteristically,...

18 July 2009
The Real Shooting Distance of Belarusian Guns

The Belarusian government not only violates human rights at home, but also hand over fist contributes to their violations abroad, going just as unpunished. Last week Graduate Institute of International Studies issued a report titled “Small Arms Survey 2009: Shadows...

17 July 2009
Freedom House: Belarus is the only “Not Free” Country in Europe

WASHINGTON — Freedom House released its country reports on freedom in the world. Belarus remains the only European country classiffied as “Not Free”. A few former Soviet Union countries did better — Ukraine and Baltic States are regarded “Free”, while...

11 June 2009
IMF to lend Belarus an additional $1 billion
IMF to lend Belarus an additional $1 billion

Apparently, the IMF mission to Belarus was satisfied with the efforts the country is making to tackle its worst economic crises since early 1990-s. The fund agreed...

19 February 2009
Global Integrity Report on Belarus

WASHINGTON – The annual report of Global Integrity, a Washington D.C.-based independent think-tank, tracked corruption trends around the world.

11 February 2009
The Jamestown Foundation: Will Lukashenka Be Welcomed in Prague?

WASHINGTON – David Marples has written on the most recent developments in EU-Belarus relations in the Jamestown Foundation’s Eurasia Daily Monitor.