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Social Progress in Belarus: Self-Perception versus Reality
The Belarusian government and Western analysts tend to agree about one thing: Belarus is a social state. Belarus may not be a wealthy country, Alexander Lukashenka likes to say, but it is a state that serves ordinary people. Yet...
12 August 2014
Thin Wallets, Fat Bodies: Why Belarus Leads Europe on Female Obesity

Only eight McDonalds restaurants operate in Belarus, and fast food remains a rare treat for most residents. Obesity, however, is on the rise. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), Belarus leads Europe in the share of obese and overweight...

10 January 2013
Living with Stigma and Ignorance: HIV on the Rise in Belarus

At the end of the last year, the Healthcare Ministry of Belarus in partnership with the UNDP started a campaign to challenge HIV/AIDS-related stereotypes and myths.  An exhibition “Life with HIV is life” has been travelling to various Belarusian...

23 June 2010
GMF on Lukashenka, EU’s power and Belarusian civil society

It seems that pragmatism and realpolitik are winning at the moment over values-driven approaches in EU policy toward Belarus, while Lukashenka’s power game continues eroding the EU’s self-esteem.

27 May 2010
No News on the United States Policy on Belarus Sanctions
No News on the United States Policy on Belarus Sanctions

Earlier this week, the United States Embassy in Minsk issued a press release on economic sanctions. Despite Belarus authorities hopes, the change of administration in the White House has not resulted in the...

15 June 2009
Obama Administration is Commited to Putting Pressure on Belarus Authories

The first move of Obama administration towards Belarus seems to be in line with the U.S. policy of putting pressure on Belarus for violations of human...

16 February 2009
New York Times: U.S. and Belarus in Dispute Over Inmate
New York Times: U.S. and Belarus in Dispute Over Inmate

12 February 2009
Senator Cardin’s Statement on Zeltser’s Imprisonment in Belarus