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Covering protests: a new epoch for the Belarusian media
On 25 March, a record number of Internet users visited the website of the independent Belarusian newspaper Nasha Niva. 109,000 Internet users read articles describing the protests against the social parasite law. In Belarus, this is nothing to...
21 July 2016
Belarusian Partisan with Love: In Memory of Pavel Sheremet

On 20 July 2016 at 7:45 am a bomb went off in a car in Kiev. The explosion killed Pavel Sheremet, a prominent Belarusian journalist working in Ukraine. Pavel was 44 years old and was killed in a car of...

11 May 2016
How Freedom House Got Media Freedom in Belarus Wrong

American human rights watchdog Freedom House in its most recent global report has ranked Belarus in the bottom ten countries in the world in terms of media freedom. Scoring more poorly than some of the world's worst dictatorships in...

13 February 2015
Green Men, Western Assistance, 5 Years of Belarusian Web – Digest of Belarusian Analytics

EU foreign policy towards Belarus, who pays for journalism, the new martial law and Western assistance to Belarus are among the topics which kept Belarusian analysts busy recently.  Foreign Policy Rethinking the EU Policies Towards Belarus – Andrei Liakhovich, the Director of the Centre...

23 October 2013
Seviarynets Free, Belarus Free Theatre Praised, Rosneft Invests in Belarus – Western Press Digest

After three years of imprisonment with hard labour, notable political prisoner Paval Seviarynets is free. Jailed civil rights activist Ales Byalyatski has been awarded the first ever Vaclav Havel Human Rights Prize. Russian giant Rosneft making inroads into Belarus, while the...

4 September 2013
Competition for the Best Analytical Article About Belarus

Belarus Digest is announcing a competition for the best analytical article about Belarus. Belarus Digest a leading online English-language periodical on Belarus, provides non-partisan analysis of Belarus-related events written primarily by Belarusians specifically for an English-language readership.Submissions should be sent to...

22 August 2013
Punishing Citizen Journalism: A New Trend in Belarus?

On 12 August 2013 Ruslan Mirzoeu, an ordinary worker from Minsk was arrested for making a short provocative movie, ridiculing the life of socially deprived people. A couple of other cases of pressuring individuals for producing videos with...

25 April 2013
Belarus Fights Photo Extremism

On 18 April district court of Ašmiany concluded a trial of Belarus Press Photo – 2011 album. The KGB, which initiated the case, argued that the album contains extremist elements and the court agreed with it. Belarus enacted the Law...

29 November 2012
Belsat TV Struggles to Survive

On 26 November the only independent television channel Belsat broadcasting for Belarusians cut the broadcast and sent a significant number of its employees on leave. Earlier this year Belsat broadcasted for 17 hours a day.  Today it is only six and...

4 November 2011
Eduard Melnikau: Focus on Internet-Tailored Products and Grassroots Journalism

Belarus Digest interviewed Eduard Melnikau, founder of the first independent Belarusian-language TV channel Belsat. Currently he is a Member of Board of the Belarusian Association of Journalists and one of the Belsat program producers. His TV-studio VISATA, based in Lithuania,...

22 May 2010
Press Freedom Act: Government in Belarus imprisoned journalists
Press Freedom Act: Government in Belarus imprisoned journalists

Belarus was mentioned in the text of the Daniel Pearl Press Freedom Act signed into law by President Barack Obama last Monday, May 17. According to the Voice of America *, the...

20 October 2009
Belarus Journalist Irypna Khalip to Be Honored at National Press Club October 26
Belarus Journalist Irypna Khalip to Be Honored at National Press Club October 26

Iryna Khalip of Belarus Wins Courage in Journalism Awards from the International Women`s Media Foundation. 2009 Courage in Journalism Award winners: Iryna Khalip of Belarus, reporter and editor in the Minsk bureau of Novaya Gazeta; Agnès Tailé of Cameroon,...

20 May 2009
Iryna Khalip is Honored with Courage in Journalism Award
Iryna Khalip is Honored with Courage in Journalism Award

The Washington-based International Women’s Media Foundation awarded a 2009 Courage in Journalism Award to Iryna Khalip, a Belarusian journalist who is frequently detained and subjected to all-night...