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Belarus to Sell 33 Fighter Jets to a Private Company
Belarus to Sell 33 Fighter Jets to a Private Company
Belarus is about to sign the world’s largest sale of fighter jets to a private company. ECA, a Netherlands-based company, is in talks to purchase 33 fighter...
27 February 2010
Belarus Potash and Democracy
Belarus Potash and Democracy

Stay off the potash is the title of Edward Lucas’s recent article in the Economist, where he reflects on effectiveness of trade boycotts. Although the...

22 January 2010
Political Repressions in Belarus Continue Despite Talks of Democratization

A story so outrageous and so boringly usual for Belarus: Ihar Slučak, a political activist, is being threatened by police because of his intentions to participate in local elections scheduled for April.

30 December 2009
2000s for Democracy in Belarus: a Decade of Disappointment

An article by one of this website’s authors for the on-line magazine Novaja Europa:

29 December 2009
Internet Censorship in the Authoritarian Belarus

To be precise, the Belarusian officials have not yet approved the introduction of additional measures to regulate Internet in Belarus. However, Belarusian...

25 December 2009
Santa Claus Beaten up by Belarus Police

One Santa, 14 Snow Maidens, and 5 New Year’s Bunnies marched in downtown Minsk Dec. 22 protesting restrictions on the public activities of unregistered organizations. The...

24 December 2009
Belarus Looking for Oil in Latin America

The Venezuelan oil and energy minister announced a new Belarus-Venezuela oil project the Orinoco River Basin.

16 December 2009
Guardian: Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan disavow arms flight from North Korea

11 August 2009
Phillip Gordon to visit Belarus on Friday
Phillip Gordon to visit Belarus on Friday

As the proverb goes, guests bring joy twice: when they come and when they go. The increasing frequency of Western visitors to the Belarusian capital is a...