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Belarus Should Learn Lessons from Libya
As Muammar Gadaffi deploys aviation and artillery to protect his rule from Lybian citizens, Alexander Lukashenka vowed to use Belarus army to protect his political regime. Although not everything said by Mr Lukashenka should be taken seriously, this statement...
24 February 2011
The Free Theatre as Belarus’ Most Successful PR Phenomenon

  I can not call myself a theatre specialist or a lover of contemporary art. I do not know if I could appreciate the artistic value of the performances of the famous Belarusian Free Theatre. I shall admit that, like...

22 February 2011
Towards Authoritarian Capitalism in Belarus?

Despite the dark clouds of political repressions Western businesses still express interest in doing business in Belarus. Recent evidence of that is an event in Minsk organized by the Ministry of Economics called “Belarus Capital Markets Day”. Apparently, Belarus...

20 February 2011
Belarus: a Tale of Sanctions and Subsidies


15 February 2011
Why Belarus is not Egypt

Many are wondering these days – why demonstrations in Belarus two months ago were not as massive in Egypt and have not led to political changes. Belarus is not Egypt in many important respects, but this does not necessarily...

14 February 2011
Europe’s Belarus Policy: The Need to Go Beyond Sanctions

The last week’s decision to go on with the Eastern Partnership’s EURONEST parliamentary assembly without Belarus again highlighted disagreements in the EU about how to deal with the deviant Eastern neighbour. The Euronest Parliamentary Assembly is the parliamentary component...

7 February 2011
How to Prevent Africanization of Foreign Aid to Belarus
How to Prevent Africanization of Foreign Aid to Belarus

As the Belarus civil society receives pledges of financial support from international community, the issue of how to...

2 February 2011
How Long before Business as Usual: Tai Chi à la Lukashenka

President Alyaksandr Lukashenka has an uncanny sense of balance. Elections and gas disputes occasionally threaten his equilibrium with a push to the West or East. But like the best Tai Chi practitioners, Lukashenka has learned that pressure to one...