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Belarus’s Hybrid Linguistic Practice: Language as a Post-Colonial Legacy

Last week released an infographic showing the second language spoken in countries across the globe. The infographic revealed many surprises, such as that Polish is the second language in the UK and that Turkish is the second language in Germany. There was a curiosity about Belarus, too: Belarusians’ second language is ... Belarusian!

The paradox of Belarus’s linguistic identity is that most Belarusians speak Russian on a daily basis. Not unlike other post-Soviet states that broadly use Russian, Belarus has struggled with elaborating...

87 y.o. Genya Branislawauna lives in a “warm home”

State Institution for the Elderly – Belarus Photo Digest

By 2020, the elderly will make up one third of Belarus’s population. In the past, they would spend their lives next to their families, taking care of the grandchildren.

It would appear that there is no need anymore for their wisdom in modern Belarusian society, however. The grandparents are now often left alone in their native villages, far from the fast-paced urban lives of their children.

Some seek elderly care. The Belarusian constitution guarantees social welfare support for individuals of advanced age, as well as people who are ill or disabled, and the state...