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29 April 2022
Belarus and its neighbourhood become a dead end for Europe

In the fifth round of EU sanctions adopted in response to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, the union prohibited freight transport on member state territory by Russian and Belarusian carriers from 16 April. Alongside the EU prohibitions on flights and...

25 April 2022
Anti-war resistance in Belarus: Rail partisans slow Russian troops

On 23 April, The Washington Post wrote about a clandestine Belarusian network of railway workers and dissidents who helped to stop Russia’s assault on Kyiv. Since the start of the war, certain Belarusians have disrupted the transit of Russian equipment through...

19 April 2022
Can Russia compensate Belarus losses from Western sanctions?

On 12–13 April 2022, Alexander Lukashenka paid a working visit to Russia’s Far East. This was his third trip to the neighbouring country this year. According to Russian media, talks taking place between Lukashenka and Russian President Vladimir Putin...

15 April 2022
7th Annual ‘Belarusian Studies in the 21st Century’ Conference – video recordings

The 7th Annual Conference on Belarusian Studies conference took place on 18–19 February 2022 in the hybrid format. It was organised by UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies, the Ostrogorski Centre and the Francis Skaryna Belarusian Library...

13 April 2022
Rising costs of defiance: Number of political prisoners in Belarus hits a record

The number of political prisoners in Belarus appears to have increased by 550 per cent in just over a year. As of 12 April, human rights defenders estimate their total at 1,118 people. The cost of protesting and demonstrating...

8 April 2022
Belarusian authorities and society agree on distancing from Putin’s war?

On 31 March, Larysa Sekerzhytskaya, a school teacher from the Belarusian city of Babruysk was fined for coming to work with a yellow-blue ribbon resembling a Ukrainian flag. At the same time, in March, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenka’s regime...

4 April 2022
Odessa citizens protect historical heritage.Source: radiofrance
Denazification of Ukraine – What can we learn from Belarus?

In late March, Ukrainian officials reported arson attacks on national archives located in the cities of Chernihiv and Kharkiv. It appears the Russian army has been destroying Ukrainian works of literature and confiscating historical documents in occupied territories. One...

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