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German press on Minsk bombing – a lamentable lack of background knowledge
In the aftermath of the bomb that exploded in the Minsk metro on April 11th, several articles have been published in the German media. The first newscasts on television on the evening of April 11th mainly followed the official...
20 April 2011
Whom to Blame for the 11 April Terrorist Attack?

In less than two days after the 11 April attack, Aliaksandr Lukashenka announced that the investigation resulted in capture of the suspected terrorist. According to Belarusian security services, the terrorist was a mentally ill person who had constructed a...

19 April 2011
Belarus Democracy and Human Rights Act Passes US Congress Committee

The headlines of stories about the US Congress like the one above are among the few opportunities for the words “Belarus” and “democracy” to stand next to each other. Last week, the US House Foreign Affairs Committee approved yet...

16 April 2011
Lukashenka in the Russian Hands

The worst nightmare of the Belarusian regime is a serious confrontation with Russia and the West at the same time if both parties agreed to the removal of Lukashenka. Of course, this scenario is hard to imagine but it...

13 April 2011
Belarus After Sanctions: the Lost Dictator

The recent tragic events in Minsk returned Belarus to the headlines of Western media. Europe and the United States are struggling to adopt an effective policy towards the country – by reinventing the policy of sanctions, the relations of...

12 April 2011
The April 11 Terrorist Act in Belarusian Press and Blogs

Belarusian authorities, the opposition and Russian security services as possible organizers have been the most discussed unofficial suspects of the April 11 Minsk bombing. All theories explaining the terrorist act at this stage are mostly speculative and not based...

12 April 2011
The Consequences of the April 11 Minsk Bombing

The explosion in Minsk underground is the most tragic terrorist act, which Belarus has seen since the end of the Second World War. The bomb exploded at the busiest station of Minsk subway on Monday evening. Over two hundred...

11 April 2011
Belarus: Sanctions Seem to Work

Facing the threat of serious economic sanctions and a financial crisis, the Belarusian regime last week changed its approach to political prisoners. The state’s prosecution has started to soften its charges and, therefore, possible punishments, for several political prisoners. On...

10 April 2011
Belarus Economy: In a Queue for US Dollars

International rating institutions responded immediately to the rapid contraction of foreign exchange reserves and shortages of foreign currency in Belarus. Moody’s downgraded the Belarus sovereign foreign currency credit rating from B1 to B2, Standard & Poors – from B+...

5 April 2011
New Lessons for Belarusian LGBT Community

In February 2011, at a conference on family planning a high-profile lecturer of the Belarusian Medical Academy Sviatlana Kunickaja said in the presence of many journalists that homosexuals are ill people and should be treated medically. Dealing with such...

1 April 2011
Mistreatment of Opposition Activists and Economic Problems in the Focus of Belarus Press

Mistreatment of political prisoners was the primary focus of non-governmental media in Belarus over the last week. Two former political prisoners of the Belarusian KGB fled Belarus following their release on condition that they would not leave the country....