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Belarus Potash and Democracy
Belarus Potash and Democracy
Stay off the potash is the title of Edward Lucas’s recent article in the Economist, where he reflects on effectiveness of trade boycotts. Although the...
22 January 2010
Is Ukraine More Repressed than Belarus?
Is Ukraine More Repressed than Belarus?

According to Heritage Foundation, a US conservative think tank, Belarus has more freedom than Ukraine. Belarus is ranked as 150 out of 179 countries in the Index of Economic...

4 January 2010
Financial Times: Russia Stops Delivery of Oil to Belarus

30 December 2009
2000s for Democracy in Belarus: a Decade of Disappointment

An article by one of this website’s authors for the on-line magazine Novaja Europa:

29 December 2009
Internet Censorship in the Authoritarian Belarus

To be precise, the Belarusian officials have not yet approved the introduction of additional measures to regulate Internet in Belarus. However, Belarusian...

25 December 2009
Santa Claus Beaten up by Belarus Police

One Santa, 14 Snow Maidens, and 5 New Year’s Bunnies marched in downtown Minsk Dec. 22 protesting restrictions on the public activities of unregistered organizations. The...

2 December 2009
Naša Niva: To Study, Study and Again Study Capitalism

27 November 2009
Financial Times: Soviet model may face trouble despite weathering the crisis
Financial Times: Soviet model may face trouble despite weathering the crisis

The Financial Times have this week published several stories on Belarus by its Eastern European corespondent Jan Cienski. Both of them seem rather to be stating the obvious but are very useful to get a snapshot impression of the...

17 November 2009
Financial Times: Behemoths in Belarus Belie Stalling Economy
Financial Times: Behemoths in Belarus Belie Stalling Economy

London's Financial Times published another piece on Belarus economy. About a year ago the leading European business newspaper released a special supplement devoted to promotion...

8 October 2009
Belarus May Win from the Change of US Missile Defense Plans

On Sept. 17, to Russia’s satisfaction and to Poland’s chagrin, President Obama announced canceling US plans to build a missile base in Poland and a radar system in...

10 September 2009
Greetings from the Axis of Evil

 “I brought you a greeting from the Axis of Evil,” ironized Chavez, who visited Cuba, Algiers, Libya, and Turkmenistan on his way to Belarus. None of these countries were actually included in the “Axis of Evil” coined by George...

8 August 2009
Two Letters to Obama with One Subject: Russia
Two Letters to Obama with One Subject: Russia

Last July, a number of European leaders, signed an open letter to Obama urging a more active and principle-driven role of the United States in Europe....

21 July 2009
Barely Solvent but Ready to Gamble
Barely Solvent but Ready to Gamble

President Alyaksandr Lukashenka’s playing Moscow against the West is turning a profit in the midst of global economic crisis. Having received $1.5 billion from Russia and $1.5 billion from the International...

18 July 2009
The Real Shooting Distance of Belarusian Guns

The Belarusian government not only violates human rights at home, but also hand over fist contributes to their violations abroad, going just as unpunished. Last week Graduate Institute of International Studies issued a report titled “Small Arms Survey 2009: Shadows...

17 July 2009
Freedom House: Belarus is the only “Not Free” Country in Europe

WASHINGTON — Freedom House released its country reports on freedom in the world. Belarus remains the only European country classiffied as “Not Free”. A few former Soviet Union countries did better — Ukraine and Baltic States are regarded “Free”, while...