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Watch Live: International Election Observers Press Conference in Minsk
The international observers monitoring the parliamentary elections in Belarus present their preliminary post-election statement at a news conference in Minsk.  The international observation is a common endeavour involving the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights and the Parliamentary...
23 September 2012
Belarusian Elections: The Art of Falsification

Today's parliamentary elections are the simplest for Belarusian election committees. Because the majority of the opposition has boycotted the elections, the election committees have almost no need to rig the votes. In any event, when neither the observers nor...

3 July 2012
Third Sector Expanding Despite Difficulties – Belarus Civil Society Digest

CSO Sustainability Index for Central and Eastern Europe and Eurasia. The U.S. Agency for International Development CSO Sustainability Index to measure the progress of civil society organisations (CSOs) in the Central and Eastern Europe and Eurasia region. The report on Belarus suggests...

25 April 2012
A Test of Opportunity for Ukraine and Belarus: Elections in 2012

The two largest states on the EU’s eastern borders, Ukraine and Belarus, will be holding parliamentary elections this autumn. They are being held at a particularly low point in relations with the EU. Few are optimistic about the outcome. Nonetheless,...

22 February 2012
Belarusian Election As An Opportunity For Change

The September 2012 Parliamentary elections offer a chance for the opposition to reconnect with the wider Belarusian population rather than retain the current status quo. Even though some economic pressure on the regime has been lifted by the...

21 February 2012
EU Policy Towards Belarus Questioned – Digest of Belarusian Analytics

Western and Belarusian analysts discuss Europe's policy towards Belarus, the forthcoming parliamentary elections, transformation from  the populism relying on the masses safeguarding the interests of the narrow interests of the Belarusian ruling elite. Anais Marin: I am Shocked by...

10 December 2011
Social Initiatives Inside Belarus and Political Conferences Outside – Civil Society Digest

Despite unfavourable environment, Belarusian NGOs continue to launch various initiatives and campaigns in Belarus. Most of initiatives relate to education, human rights and social issues. However, conferences on political issues have to take place outside of the country -...

1 December 2009
German Marshall Fund of the United States Blogs on Belarus
German Marshall Fund of the United States Blogs on Belarus

Appeasement in our time -- Berlusconi goes to Belarus by Joerg Forbrig BERLIN -- This year has been full of celebrations of the peaceful revolutions of 1989, arguably the most important advance of freedom, democracy, and human rights in history. But...

16 December 2008
New York Times: Electoral Rot Nearby? The Russians Don’t See It

ZHODINO, Belarus — The voting monitor began his rounds on election day here at Polling Place No. 7. “Issues? Violations?” he asked the poll workers,...

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