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Can strikes lead to peaceful political change in Belarus?
Speaking at a conference on 28 August, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenka announced that he was willing to enter into dialogue with “working and student collectives” on political issues, including to prepare a new constitution. While he has a poor record of negotiations with his political opponents and it is difficult to believe the sincerity of […]
28 August 2020
Protests, Solidarity, Strikes, Coordination Council – Belarus Civil Society Digest

For almost three weeks in a raw, Belarusians continue civic resistance opposing Alexander Lukashenka’s rule after a disputed election of August 9th and police violence against peaceful protesters. On Sunday, August 23, like a week ago, a massive rally in Minsk again gathered up to 250,000 people. When the crowd reached the Palace of Independence, […]

27 August 2020
Further evidence of post-election torture, beatings, and humiliation uncovered in Belarus

The mass protests erupting in Belarus since the day of the presidential elections, 9 August 2020, have been marked by brutal repression and unprecedented police violence. Security forces have used tear gas, water cannons, and weapons against the protesters. Thousands of people have been detained, arrested and abused, many of whom have been violently beaten […]

24 August 2020
The movement of ‘dreamers’ against the ‘one-size-fits-all’ propaganda

Belarus, from its capital and regional centres to its towns and villages, has now been engulfed in anti-government protests for 15 consecutive days. The peaceful March for a New Belarus on 23 August led to Lukashenka parading with a Kalashnikov in his hand and his press service claiming that the protesters ‘sort of stormed’ his […]

23 August 2020
Lukashenka runs to Putin amid protests

On 22 August while meeting military personnel in Hrodna Province, President Alyaksandr Lukashenka announced that his opponents had — with the aim of bringing about a “colour revolution”— been attempting to divert his attention from the domestic situation by creating tension on the Western borders. He specifically blamed NATO and ordered his troops to “defend […]

20 August 2020
Peaceful protests in Minsk – Belarus Photo Digest

Following the 9 August Presidential Elections, Belarus is witnessing the largest public protests in its history. Hundreds of thousands of people are protesting in the capital Minsk, cities and towns across Belarus demanding the release of political prisoners, investigation of police brutality, the resignation of Aleksander Lukashenka and fair elections. From the very beginning, the […]

19 August 2020
The best ever opportunity for Putin to intervene in Belarus?

On 18 August, president Alyaksandr Lukashenka convened his National Security Council with a focus on “external intervention” in the current protests in Belarus. He cited military threats on the “Western borders”, although a couple of weeks ago he had blamed Russia. This shift in rhetoric coincides with the conditions set forth by Putin for providing […]

19 August 2020
Need a commentator on Belarus? We compiled a list for you

We would like to encourage media, experts and policy-makers working on Belarus to speak primarily to Belarusians to understand what is happening in the country. It is their country and they need to have their voice heard not only inside Belarus but also abroad. Belarus Digest compiled a list of people based in Belarus or […]

18 August 2020
Protesters in rural Belarus took the authorities by surprise

On 9 August, the day of the presidential elections, soon after the polling stations closed, protesters began to take to the streets of Belarusian cities. The rallies of thousands continued throughout the country in the following days. The authorities’ attempts to severely suppress the movements only resulted in increased protests. An unusual feature of these […]

17 August 2020
Is Lukashenka about to introduce martial law?

On 13 August, the Belarusian authorities stopped deploying special riot police against presidential election protesters. This move appeared to be a step toward a peaceful solution. Yet in two phone conversations with Vladimir Putin this weekend, Belarusian president Alyaksandr Lukashenka returned to militant rhetoric. He announced that in the event of further escalation, Putin had […]

16 August 2020
A column of demonstrators in Minsk on August 14. Photo: RFE / RL
Three main threats to the Lukashenka regime now

On 14 August on Independence Square in the Belarusian capital Minsk, for the first time in 10 years, a rally of thousands of opponents of the authorities took place. And for the first time during the regime of President Alexander Lukashenka, a rally at this location was held without the arrest of peaceful demonstrators. This […]

15 August 2020
women protest in Minsk
The sixth time was different: a revolution unfolds in Belarus

Belarus stands before a critical chapter in its history. Following a rigged election in which the incumbent claimed an absurd 80% of the vote, thousands took to the streets demanding free and fair elections and an end to repression. This is an unprecedented show of support for democratic values in a country that has experienced […]

14 August 2020
Let the world know what is happening in Belarus! Support Belarus Digest now

Today the interest in what is happening in Belarus is greater than ever. At the same time, we witness a catastrophic lack of reliable and timely information on events in Belarus in English. If this crowdfunding campaign is successful, Belarus Digest will resume its work until the situation in the country becomes calmer. Belarus Digest […]

13 August 2020
The 9 August presidential vote in Belarus and its immediate aftermath

Since the 9 August presidential vote, the situation in Belarus has been changing rapidly every day. Belarusians do not believe the officially announced results: 80% for the incumbent Alexander Lukashenka and 10% for his main challenger Svetlana Tsikhanouskaya. Since Sunday evening, public peaceful protests and solidarity actions have taken place across Belarus. Domestic observers characterise […]

13 August 2020
What is going on in Belarus? Key questions answered

The presidential election campaign in Belarus has caught many in the country and outside by surprise. The authorities, the opposition and policy-makers in other countries are now considering possible strategies, but often without objective information from Belarus that is not driven by a particular political agenda. This brief post attempts to respond to some common, […]