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How Long Can the Belarus Ruler Last?
The unprecedentedly brutal court sentences against democratic activists who protested the falsification of elections in December have two goals.  It is widely believed that these people will be used as hostages used for future trade with the West.  However,...
28 May 2011
Lukashenko Warns Belarus not for Sale
Lukashenko Warns Belarus not for Sale


28 May 2011
Lukashenka’s Prisoners Dilemma

As the economic crisis deepens, Belarusian authorities have become increasingly worried about possible social unrest. There are good reasons for them to worry. Not only is the country in the midst of the worst economic crisis in its modern...

27 May 2011
Belarus Sanctioned under the US Non-Proliferation Act

Belarus and sanctions tend to go together in the headlines. In its short twenty-year history, the country has been sanctioned for rigging elections, squashing the opposition, violating human rights, and chocking independent media. Minsk not only sees nothing wrong with...

25 May 2011
The Black Tuesday of the Belarusian Economy

This year's devaluation of Belarusian currency was the largest in the world for the past 20 years, according to the World Bank.  Independent media already called the day of official devaluation "the black Tuesday". However, Belarusian state media largely ignore...

22 May 2011
Who Needs the Eastern Partnership?

While the European Union is yet again considering using sticks against the Belarus regime, it is unclear what carrots it can offer. Lukashenka's opponents often point to the de-facto exclusion of Belarus from the Eastern Partnership after the post-election...

21 May 2011
Will the EU Countries Agree on a Common Reaction to the Political Situation in Belarus?

As the judgments against Belarusian opposition leaders and their campaigners have been delivered in Belarus during the last weeks, the reactions of the EU member states are less than concordant. While the EU considers including 13 more Belarusian officials to...

20 May 2011
U.S. Senator Dick Durbin’s Statement on Belarus
U.S. Senator Dick Durbin’s Statement on Belarus


20 May 2011
Belarus in Eurovision 2011: More Politics than Music

Open political statements are not allowed at the Eurovision Song Contest, but to many this year's Belarusian contribution to the contest as pure politics.  In Belarus, the first version of the Eurovision song stirred contradiction from the very beginning. Initially,...

18 May 2011
Does the EU Conditionality Work?

EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton recently announced the "readiness of the EU to consider further targeted restrictive measures in all areas of co-operation." The statement was made in response to the ongoing trials against political opponents of Alyaksandr Lukashenka....

16 May 2011
Is Russia interested in regime change in Belarus?

This week Russia's Finance Minister Kudrin made it clear that Moscow was not interested in bailing out the Belarusian economy with no conditions attached. That stimulated discussions that Russia finally decided to get rid of Alyaksandr Lukashenka. However, these...

15 May 2011
Victory Day Celebrations and Political Trials in Belarus

While independent press covers numerous political trials, unprecedented in post-Soviet history of Belarus, the official press focuses on celebrations of victory in the World War II organized by the authorities.

14 May 2011
Chernobyl and Belarus: from Gorbachev to Lukashenka

While Belarus has suffered more than any other country from the Chernobyl disaster, it receives little foreign aid because of its political isolation. In addition, all the Soviet-type bureaucracy and red tape limit development of community initiatives and civil...

14 May 2011
Belarusian President Attempts a Divisive National Ideology

In his annual parliamentary address last week, Belarusian president Aliaksandr Lukashenka stated the need for defining a post-soviet Belarusian identity. By a way of an answer, he offered curtailing of democratic freedoms and crackdown on dissent.

14 May 2011
Is the Russian Ruble Coming to Belarus?

Establishing an ever more strict regime in Belarus after December 2010, Lukashenka so far faced no serious resistance. Numerous democratic activists fled abroad, many are incarcerated or awaiting trials, others are nearly paralyzed by police and security agencies surveillance...

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