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Western Media: Revolution has Begun in Belarus
Under the impression of the revolutions in the Arab world and Greek protests against the austerity program of the government, Western media tend to jump to conclusions when writing about the current situation in Belarus. “Following the Arab example of...
1 July 2011
Politics & Civil Society Digest: 24 June – 1 July 2011

Over the last week Belarus authorities strengthened pressure on journalists and generally tried to limit the spread of uncensored information. Although the number of protesters remains relatively small, they are surprisingly persistent and attract more people in Minsk and...

29 June 2011
Digest of Belarusian Analytics: the New Architecture of Street Protests

Belarus Digest begins publishing summaries of the most notable studies prepared by Belarusian scholars and institutions. Digest of Belarusian Analytics will cover the most interesting publications, which are often not available in English. Devaluation. What's next? Yuri Pshennik, analyzing...

26 June 2011
Politics & Civil Society Digest: 9-24 June 2011

Belarus Digest starts to publish regular summaries of the most notable political and civil society news in Belarus. The new digests will attempt to give a richer picture of the recent events in Belarus, and will often go beyond...

15 June 2011
Oiling the Unrest in Belarus

  Two months ago Alyaksandr Lukashenka ordered to find more oil deposits in Belarus. He was visibly upset that his country did not have enough of its own oil and had to depend on Russia. After all, oil revenues...

10 June 2011
Loan from the IMF or Privatization by the Russians?

Belarus' economy needs external financing more then ever before. The government resists privatization but it will have to surrender soon, even if the International Monetary Fund decides to extend another loan.  Recently the Belarusian weekly Belorusski Rynok discussed the chances...

25 May 2011
The Black Tuesday of the Belarusian Economy

This year's devaluation of Belarusian currency was the largest in the world for the past 20 years, according to the World Bank.  Independent media already called the day of official devaluation "the black Tuesday". However, Belarusian state media largely ignore...

15 May 2011
Victory Day Celebrations and Political Trials in Belarus

While independent press covers numerous political trials, unprecedented in post-Soviet history of Belarus, the official press focuses on celebrations of victory in the World War II organized by the authorities.

14 May 2011
Is the Russian Ruble Coming to Belarus?

Establishing an ever more strict regime in Belarus after December 2010, Lukashenka so far faced no serious resistance. Numerous democratic activists fled abroad, many are incarcerated or awaiting trials, others are nearly paralyzed by police and security agencies surveillance...

14 May 2011
Belarus Authorities Combat Economic Crises on the Ideological Front

The Belarus authorities seem to be combating the economic crises on two fronts. On the economic policy front, they promise modernization and reforms. On the ideological front, they initiated closing down two leading independent newspapers and instructed state media...

20 April 2011
German press on Minsk bombing – a lamentable lack of background knowledge

In the aftermath of the bomb that exploded in the Minsk metro on April 11th, several articles have been published in the German media. The first newscasts on television on the evening of April 11th mainly followed the official...

12 April 2011
The April 11 Terrorist Act in Belarusian Press and Blogs

Belarusian authorities, the opposition and Russian security services as possible organizers have been the most discussed unofficial suspects of the April 11 Minsk bombing. All theories explaining the terrorist act at this stage are mostly speculative and not based...

1 April 2011
Mistreatment of Opposition Activists and Economic Problems in the Focus of Belarus Press

Mistreatment of political prisoners was the primary focus of non-governmental media in Belarus over the last week. Two former political prisoners of the Belarusian KGB fled Belarus following their release on condition that they would not leave the country....

1 March 2011
Is Lukashenka a Threat to International Security?
Is Lukashenka a Threat to International Security?

28 February 2011
Belarus Should Learn Lessons from Libya

As Muammar Gadaffi deploys aviation and artillery to protect his rule from Lybian citizens, Alexander Lukashenka vowed to use Belarus army to protect his political regime. Although not everything said by Mr Lukashenka should be taken seriously, this statement...