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The Economist: The Borderlands of Europe Should not be Left Behind
The Economist: The Borderlands of Europe Should not be Left Behind
Indeed, despite laying in the geographical centre of Europe, Belarus is psychologically, mentally, still at the very outskirts of the continent. Expansion of the EU has put an Iron...
22 January 2010
Political Repressions in Belarus Continue Despite Talks of Democratization

A story so outrageous and so boringly usual for Belarus: Ihar Slučak, a political activist, is being threatened by police because of his intentions to participate in local elections scheduled for April.

20 January 2010
Corruption in the Belarusian Democratic Opposition Provokes Scandals

The Belarusian opposition seems to be heavily dependent on financing from abroad. During the past 15 years the Belarusian government has cut...

15 January 2010
Reporters Without Borders is concerned about the government’s plans to tighten control of the Internet in Belarus

14 January 2010
Russian-Belarusian Oil Row Continues

Belarus, a small post-Soviet state once hardly distinguishable from Russia and chronically misspelled in the Western press, has been making more and more headlines lately. And if the Russian-Belarusian military exercises with deployment of Russia’s most advanced S-400 air...

11 January 2010
Chernobyl Death Toll: The Price of Cheap Nuclear Energy is Yet Unclear

While Belarus authorities are raising funds to build a new nuclear power plant, the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster are still puzzling the scientists. The British Guardian devoted an article to the increased cancer and infant mortality rates...

10 January 2010
Belarusian Authorities Agreed to Extension of OSCE Mission

8 January 2010
Belarusian Visa Price Has Risen to EUR 180 if Issued at the Airport

The main aim of a visa regime is to regulate migration flow and to prevent eventual illegal immigrants from entering the country....

5 January 2010
Belarus Officials Fly to Russia for Oil Talks

The Belarusian-Russian oil conflict once again demonstrates the fact that relations between both countries are far from what could have been called...

4 January 2010
Financial Times: Russia Stops Delivery of Oil to Belarus

30 December 2009
2000s for Democracy in Belarus: a Decade of Disappointment

An article by one of this website’s authors for the on-line magazine Novaja Europa:

29 December 2009
Internet Censorship in the Authoritarian Belarus

To be precise, the Belarusian officials have not yet approved the introduction of additional measures to regulate Internet in Belarus. However, Belarusian...

27 December 2009
Companies from Nottingham to erect a residential complex near Minsk
Companies from Nottingham to erect a residential complex near Minsk

An interesting example of Belarusian-British cooperation. Minsk authorities largely develop the city via construction of Socialist-styled flat-blocks. Surrounding villages that get incorporated into the city are gradually being destroyed and replaced with the same...

25 December 2009
Santa Claus Beaten up by Belarus Police

One Santa, 14 Snow Maidens, and 5 New Year’s Bunnies marched in downtown Minsk Dec. 22 protesting restrictions on the public activities of unregistered organizations. The...

20 December 2009
EU Sanctions: the Longer the More Surreal

Members of the European Parliament agreed to prolong sanctions against Belarus while at the same time postponing their application. A resolution adopted...