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NATO: Russia and Belarus military exercise hasn’t contributed to building up confidence
The concerns in the West are not just about the size the Russian-Belarusian exercise, but by the fact that foreign observers hadn’t been invited to observe them. NATO spokesperson...
23 November 2009
The Times: Hugo Chávez defends the ‘bad guys’ of the world

Venezuelan leader Hugo Chávez tightens bonds with US foes: from Castro to Lukashenka, the influential British newspaper The Times states. Hugo Chávez defends...

20 November 2009
Art Against Dictatorship Exhibition and Opening Ceremony

6:30 p.m., November 23, Monday Rayburn House Office Building, U.S. Congress Independence Ave. and South Capitol Street, Washington, DC 20003

19 November 2009
ЗША падоўжылі змякчэнне санкцый супраць двух прадпрыемстваў «Белнафтахіма»

Мінфін ЗША у чарговы раз падоўжыў рашэнне пра змякчэнне санкцый супраць двух беларускіх прадпрыемстваў канцэрна «Белнафтахім» – ААТ «Лакафарба» і «Полацк-Шкловалакно». Як паведамляе афіцыйны...

17 November 2009
Transparency International: Беларусь зноў прызнаная карумпаванай краінай

Усясьветная грамадзкая арганізацыя Transparency International апублікавала штогадовы рэйтынг карумпаванасьці краінаў. Паводле яго, Беларусь прызнаная краінай з высокай ступеньню карумпаванасьці.

15 November 2009
The Internet, Free Expression, and Authoritarianism

Tuesday, November 17th 2009, 2pm-5pm

15 November 2009
В.Вячорка і Л.Баршчэўскі ў Вашынгтоне

9 November 2009
Zapad-09: Russia and Belarus Play War


5 November 2009
Russian-Belarusian exersices made Poland ask for help from US

Poland’s foreign minister called upon the US to deploy its troops on the territory of the country to defend it from military aggression.

5 November 2009
Філіп ГОРДАН: «Мінску трэба прайсці вельмі доўгі шлях»

Мінску трэба прайсці яшчэ “вельмі доўгі шлях” для паляпшэння двухбаковых адносін са Злучанымі Штатамі Амерыкі, лічыць памочнік дзяржсакратара ЗША па справах Еўропы і Еўразіі Філіп Гордан....

29 October 2009
U.S. Helsinki Commission hearing “Advancing U.S. Interests in the OSCE Region”

Excerpts on Belarus from the US Helsinki Commission hearing held on October 28, 2009 in Washington, D.C.: Present: Philip H. Gordon, Assistant Secretary of...

8 October 2009
Belarus May Win from the Change of US Missile Defense Plans

On Sept. 17, to Russia’s satisfaction and to Poland’s chagrin, President Obama announced canceling US plans to build a missile base in Poland and a radar system in...

18 September 2009
Belarus United 70 Years Ago

Yesterday was the seventieth anniversary of yet another alteration of the Belarusian borders. On September 17, 1939, Western Belarus was reunified with Eastern Belarus and the Red Army marched...

10 September 2009
Greetings from the Axis of Evil

 “I brought you a greeting from the Axis of Evil,” ironized Chavez, who visited Cuba, Algiers, Libya, and Turkmenistan on his way to Belarus. None of these countries were actually included in the “Axis of Evil” coined by George...

4 September 2009
Belarusian Nuclear Power Project: Dangerous and Expensive

On September 2nd, Belarus moved one step closer to building its first nuclear reactor by signing an agreement with Russia’s AtomStroyExport for constructing a nuclear power plant in...